Behold, how good and pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity!
For there the Lord commanded the blessing - life forever. -Psalm 133



M133 is a UNITY movement sweeping across the Campuses of America - leaving in its wake Houses of Prayer, Communities of Love, and a Harvest of Souls. 




SEPTEMBER - Cindy Jacobs provided a prophetic word set this movement on its course: "God is about to move again on the Campuses of California. It is going to sweep across America in Awakening."

NOVEMBER - Over 300 students from IHOPU, Kansas City came to Southern California to strengthen the prayer movement on 12 different campuses.

DECEMBER - 5 Prayer leaders from different campuses came together to seek God for what He is doing on the campuses and how we can partner with Him. The Lord revealed:

  • His heart for a unity movement across campuses in the region (Psalm 133)
  • The roadmap of building momentum as going from one campus to the next, strengthening those burning for revival on campus (Zechariah 8)


JANUARY 26 - First Movement 133 Gathering was held at Azusa Pacific University.

SPRING - Bi-weekly prayer gatherings began to occur and swell at different campuses, with 15–20 campuses represented, with people driving 2-3 hours, believing for an awakening on a campus not their own as a real love and bond formed among student revivalists across the Southern California region. 

September 17-18 - First M133 Student Summit was held, with 50 student leaders from many campuses across Southern California coming together to establish covenant with one another. 


WINTER & SPRING - Movement 133 Gatherings continue once/month on Campuses in Southern California. By the end of the 2011-12 School Year - there have been gathering at over 20 schools.

September 21-23 - Second M133 Student Summit was held with 95 student leaders from over 25 Campuses in attendance. A vision to see a 24/7 HOP planted at every school was birthed.


SPRING - By the end of the 2012-13 School Year - several Houses of Prayer have been birthed on University Campuses including the forerunning schools of USC, Biola, UCI, UCLA, and  Vanguard University.

October 4-6 - Movement 133 hosts it's first national conference for students: M133 National Student Summit at Mott Auditorium in Pasadena. Over 500 students from 60+ Campuses are in attendance.  Cindy Jacobs & Lou Engle are the main speakers.

Oct/Nov - The LOVE21 Initiative on College Campuses (many reports of salvations and students encountering the love of Jesus in a practical way.


Many more HOP are started over this period of time. In Southern California alone - there are over 30 schools that have begun prayer meetings on their Campuses since January, 2011. Some meet once/week and others are meeting several hours/day.


Over the first 5 years of M133 - the primary focus was on establishing a prototype of UNITY unto birthing of Houses of Prayer in Southern California. The Lord expands the vision to go beyond.




NOV 7UCI Prayer GatheringUC IRVINEHumanities Hall 1788-10PM
NOV 12NorthEast GatheringUCONNFB EVENT PAGE12PM-12AM
FEB 22SoCal GatheringUSCTBATBA