Vanguard HOP - Sept 2016 Burn

Vanguard House of Prayer hosted our second annual Burn-- 24 hours of nonstop prayer and worship. Our four main focus points were an outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Vanguard in the spirit of Azusa, the sending of missionaries from Vanguard to the 10/40 window, the establishment of a 24/7 prayer room on our campus, and the raising up of houses of prayer across SoCal campuses. Over the course of the 24 hours, over 250 students, staff, faculty, and surrounding community members joined us in intercession and worship. There was an immense hunger for God as hearts were stirred for revival. Many students were exposed to night and day prayer for the first time. The Burn was more than an event, more than a gathering, more than good worship and anointed prayer leaders. It was a launching point and a prophetic vision of what is to come in Vanguard's future and the future of the college campuses of America. 

Written By: Kyla Tedstrom

USC - May 2016 Update

This has been a big year of fasting, prayer, and praying into the great harvest at USC. In both the fall and spring semesters, we have had consecrated seasons of gatherings praying for AzusaNow, and revival in the greater Los Angeles area. We truly felt that there were powerful moments of breakthrough in the Spirit where strongholds were broken down at the sound of our worship and intercession. 

This past spring, we saw multiple healings take place on campus and multiple souls come to the Lord. We are growing in partnering evangelism with our prayers, even if it's just stopping for one person a day. We have enjoyed growing in love and uniting with our brothers and sisters from other house of prayer campuses, and gathering together for worship and prayer.

Written by: Shara Bialosky